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Producst \ Miranda (beta)

It used to load a table of a DB record in a .Net class and then serves to persist on the DB differenze. It is a minimal ORM (Object / Relational Mapper) working at record level.

You can use VB.Net or C# and Microsoft SqlServer or Oracle or MySql (or other DBMS in the future).

 How it works
Through MyGeneration you create a class for each table. The class is POCO (Plain old C Objects). I.ee is a standard class, which does not have anything inside that references or knows anything about DB, tables, ODBC, ….

As you load data into the class?
Through a Proxy, defined inside Miranda.

 How Miranda understand to generate insert or update? You have 2 methods in proxy class; Insert or Updates.

 If "Updates" Miranda inspects the class to generate the correct Update command with only modificed properties.

 The Package has been developed with VS 2010 / vb.net. You cas use from C#.

Current supported DBMS are Sql Server 2005 through 2014 (also Express), Oracle (from 10) e MySql (from 5.1.x).

You need MyGeneration (ver . you can
-          download it here Download di MyGeneration
-          here you can find other informations Informazioni su MyGeneration

 When you install MyGeneration remember to disable "Detect MDSC 2.7+"

Then MyGeneration must me configured. I set:
Default settings \ connection string (then i have named it and saved)
-           ChangeDefault settings \ Language mapping to VB.NET

nd then I pressed Save at the top right (the "save" the outer form)

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