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What do I do for my Customers?

  • Situation analysis, research and critical ad hoc re-engineering

    Any development must necessarily start from the analysis of the current situation to understand the status and then decide where you want to get. The subsequent identification of what is missing to reach your goal helps to allow you to select the most appropriate technology to purpose.

  • Application design and agile planning time / activities

    When it is clear what you want you need to develop a prototype to use as a base for the creation of a development plan in terms of key points, activities, times and people.
    ll while remaining aware that in today's world things change quickly.

  • Supervision / Implementation of vertical solutions for specific needs

    Once aware of the activities necessary for the realization of the application It's nececcary to decide who to entrust for the realization of the project. Depending on the business situation you may find yourself in situations where the company already has a development team or situations in which you want to delegate this phase outside (The latter case is typical in small and medium-sized Italian companies).

  • Applications/Database Optimization

    It may happen that existing applications become, with the increase in workload, gradually slower.
    What to do if you want to speed up your system and avoid rewriting the entire application? You can study the situation for possible optimizations in order to search and remove possible bottlenecks at various levels:
    • Hardware (undersized)
    • Network (not optimized or non-certified)
    • Configuration problems
    • Database optimization problems
    • Problems of underestimated concurrent resources access

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